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TRIMIX Injections

Our laboratory has been producing a comprehensive range of penile injections (available on prescription) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) since 2000 and thus we are one of the most experienced in this field. Although the thought of penile injections usually instigates a negative response in most men they are one of the most effective treatment methods available only administering tiny doses at the site of action with fewer side effects, and in many instances it is more effective than any other form of treatment.

The injections available through our laboratory include:

(1) Alprostadil - high strength not commercially available.

(2) BIMIX – a combination of alprostadil and phentolamine is available in two differents strengths from the standard to the extra strenth dose.

(3) TRIMIX – a combination of alprostadil, phentolamine and papaverine is available in four different strengths. Combination therapy was first introduced in 1991 by Bennett and his colleagues who demonstrated a success rate of TriMix of 92% in 116 patients using this combination of medications. We have four different strength TRIMIX mixtures available from the standard low dose TRIMIX all the way up to our super strong ALI TRIMIX for very resistant patients who fail to respond to weaker mixtures.

(4) QUADMIX – a combination of alprostadil, phentolamine, papaverine and atropine is available in three different strengths. QuadMix includes the addition of atropine which may work synergistically to cause smooth muscle relaxation in the penis. In a study conducted by Israilov and colleagues, 13 patients that failed Trimix had a positive response to Quadmix.

(5) Pap.P&A - a combination of phentolamine, papaverine and atropine. This combination is available in two strengths. This is considered a low strength option which may not be strong enough for more resistant cases. As this formula does not contain any alprostadil it does not cause any pain, a side effect occasionally experienced with using alprostadil. It is also more stable at room temperature so does not need to be stored in fridge/freezer unlike the injections above although for long term storage we still recommend to keep it in the fridge. This is an advantage especially when traveling.

(6) Antidote - Our laboratory also produces an antidote to help treat a prolonged erection in case you accidently overdose.

syringebottle1-300x199.jpgThese injections produce less pain, are more affordable and more potent when compared to standard commercially available injection therapy (Caverject) and are recommended by most ED specialists. We produce approximately 16 different injection combinations in order to cover the wide range of needs observed within the male population. Therefore we will have an injection that works for you!

New Methods on How to Inject These Treatments

(1) Needle-Free Injections
A revolution in injection technology has occurred with the development of the needle-free injector (see image below) which may be used to administer all of our injection range. The injector utilises high pressure, produced via an inbuilt spring, to force the liquid injection mixture through the skin between superficial skin cells into the tissue below in a fraction of a second. The mixture penetrates to a depth of around 0.9cm which is sufficient for the treatment of ED. Needle free injections help overcome the fear and hesitation of using an injection as no needle is used. The ED needle-free injector kit is available here.

The main problem with this method is that initially most men need to experiment with the device a few times in order to find the correct technique that will work for them and some give up before hand.

(2) Automatic Injection Device - We also supply Autoject 2 which is an automatic injection device in which you load your standard insulin syringe. The device will automatically inject the needle and empty the syringe contents for you. Click here for Autoject 2 instructions. To order a AutoJect device click here on Autoject. The benefits with this method is that it is significantly cheaper than the needle-free alternative and the results are immediate. It may also help needle phobic patients as you cannot see the needle once it is loaded into the device.



Our laboratory has developed and been producing this range of injections available only with a prescription to treat ED for nearly 15 years and thus are one of the most experienced in the country. Being the first to develop many ED formulas and now the first to use needle-free injections many others are now trying to imitate us.

We specialise in sterile compounding so you can be assured of the quality of our sterile injection treatments. Click here for more information on our strict quality control for sterile compounding.

We courier these injections Australia wide via overnight courier.

Contact us for more information.

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Israilov S, Niv E, Livne PM, Shmueli J, Engelstein D, Segenreich E, Baniel J. Intracavernous injections for erectile dysfunction in patients with cardiovascular diseases and failure or contraindications for sildenafil citrate. Int J Impot Res. 2002 Feb;14(1):38-43.

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